Monday, September 19, 2011

Have a Say at Your Child's School

I felt there was room for improvement when it came to my child's school communicating with the parents.  After doing a bit a research, I realized the school's PTA is responsible for keeping the parents informed of the happenings at school.  So, I decided to become an active member of the PTA at my kids' school. 

I contacted the PTA President via email and found out that there was a need for someone to maintain the fairly new school Facebook page and the newsletter.  So, I quickly volunteered to help out with both - especially since these are the main means of communication with parents, which was my biggest concern. 

Now, I'm a PTA board member.  The title felt a bit overwhelming at first but, working on the Facebook page and newsletter are things I can do at my own pace and on my own hours from home.  So, it is perfect for me being a stay-at-home mom with two Elementary School kids and a 2 1/2 year in tow.  The bonus is, I have the opportunity to speak up about decisions being made at my kids' school and I finally get to see things change that had always worried me. 

If you feel there is a need for change at your child's school and you can spare 1 HOUR per month, join your school's PTA and make a difference in your child's education.  There is a membership fee for the year but, it's usually small.  Our school's PTA membership is $5 for the year.  That's it!  So, join the PTA and speak up for your child.

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