Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dirty Santa - The Gift Giving Game

This year our family is changing things up with our gift giving.  My mother-in-law suggested playing "Dirty Santa".  We were all a bit hesitant to agree to it but the more I learned about it the more interesting and fun it sounded.  No, it's not an adults only game.  Also, it is sometimes called "White Elephant".  The rules are pretty confusing but here are a couple of websites that I found that describe it in a way that is easier to understand:

A few sites suggest coming up with a theme for your Dirty Santa Party and a price limit.  The price limit is often around $20-25.   Choosing a theme can make gift ideas easier for those participating.  Some great themes are:  Gag Gifts, Alcohol, Board Games and Small Appliances.  If you decide you don't want a theme, be sure to remind all guests to choose a gift that is good for just about anyone.  You don't want gender specific gifts because the game won't be as fun.

Here are some websites that have great ideas for Dirty Santa gifts:
Have fun and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. Just as an interesting side note, in Michigan I have heard this called the "Chinese Gift exchange," and in South Carolina they called it "The Yankee Swap." Any way you call it, we have had a blast with this in the past!