Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos

While preparing for our family vacation to Disney World, I've been a little concerned about the possibility of my kids getting lost.  I have three young, curious children that wouldn't surprise me if they got distracted and lost track of the family.  I found I.D. Tags that you can put on a belt loop or bracelet.  However, my kids’ swimming trunks don't have belt loops, they don't like wearing jewelry and the I.D. tags aren't waterproof.  I thought about getting iron-on I.D. tags but, they aren't easily found and I don't want a stranger looking down my kids’ swimming trunks for it!  So, while checking out travel gear on (one of my favorite sites) for our vacation, I found the perfect solution - lost and found temporary tattoos called Tattoos with a Purpose.  They are temporary tattoos you apply to your child's skin and write your phone number on.  They come in three styles for boys (dinosaur, dog and rocket ship) and three styles for girls (butterfly, hearts and pony).  They also have race car tattoos for race fans and field trip tattoos with school buses on them.  Another great thing about Tattoos with a Purpose is they have tattoos for people with nut allergies, Autism and Alzheimer’s.

You can purchase a kit with 6 tattoos, a marker, 6 application towelettes and 6 removal towelettes for $9.99 at has the Field Trip, "I Have Autism" and "No Nuts Please" Tattoos with a Purpose kits currently on sale for $6.95.

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  1. This is such a clever idea! And I can just picture the kids being really excited about getting to have "tattoos" for their big trip.