Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick Tip: Frizz Control

My hair stylist taught me a couple of simple tricks to help me control my frizzy hair and they work!
  1. Cold Rinse - rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning.  Similar to shingles on a roof, hair cuticles lie flat after a cold rinse.  This results in less frizz and more shine.  When you rinse your hair with hot water it causes your hair to be more frizzy or rough looking.
  2. Cool Shot - finish with the cool shot on your hairdryer.  A cold rinse definitely helps but how you dry your hair will make it last.  To keep the frizz down, apply a serum to damp hair before blow drying (I use Rusk's Softwear).  Then finish with a cool shot from your hair dryer.  I use the Revlon Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist Dryer but any hair dryer with a cold shot will do.  

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