Monday, April 6, 2015

Frozen Birthday Party Activities

Like every little girl, my daughter wanted to have a Frozen birthday party!  Yeah!!  I'm actually a huge fan of the movie and know practically all the lyrics to all the songs.  That's right, it's me rocking out to the Frozen soundtrack and belting out "Let It Go" in the minivan next to you at the stoplight.

Having a Frozen party is easy now that you can finally find stuff in the stores, although it is ridiculously priced and you can never find everything you need at one store or even at the same time.  I slowly purchased items over the month leading up to her party.  Some plates from Kroger, napkins and cups from Target, decorative wall stickers on Zulily and the rest at Walmart.  Buying supplies is easy when you find them.  However, it's the games your daughter requests that can get tricky.

I allowed my daughter to choose just seven of her closest 5-6 year old girlfriends to our home for her Frozen Birthday...yeah, I know, what was I thinking!?!  Luckily a few of the moms are my friends and they stuck around to help.  But, how do you entertain kindergarten girls for TWO HOURS?  Well, my daughter asked for activity stations, like her older brothers had at their Skylander Party and Pokemon Party.  I love that kind of thing!!  So, I said, "As you wish my baby girl" and away to my laptop I went!!

Activity 1 - Coloring Pages. As we waited for all the girls to arrive, I spread out some Frozen coloring pages I printed out that morning along with our bucket of crayons, on our dining room table.  Our dining room was the center of the party of course, fully decked out in Frozen decorations, including three foot tall Anna and Elsa wall stickers from Zulily.

Activity 2 - Do You Want to Build a Snowman?  Once all the girls arrived, I gave each of them a paper plate with 3 large marshmallows, 2 mini-marshmallows, a dollop of marshmallow fluff with 1 small flat toothpick, 2 small pretzel sticks and 1 small piece of an orange slice gummy candy.  After they assembled their snowman, I went around and drew on his eyes and mouth with black icing and a toothpick.  Then, if they wanted to, the girls were given the time to eat their snowmen.  They had a blast doing this!  I used the image below as the sign for the activity station.

Activity 3 - Olaf Lost His Head!  I lucked out with my daughter's birthday being around Easter because I was able to find Olaf shaped Easter eggs at Walmart.  I bought all the ones they had!  Yep, I was that mom.  Sorry!  I used these little heads for a Frozen version of an Easter Egg Hunt in our living room.  There is a scene where Olaf loses his head and he's chasing it.  I thought that would be a great image to use for a station sign and the heading read, "Help Olaf Find His Head!".  The girls loved it!!  They took turns hiding them and finding them.  However, it got to the point when all the girls wanted to hide them and no one wanted to seek them.  So, we moved on to the next activity.

Activity 4 - Princess Fashion Show.  I don't know about you but, I have gotten smart after the third kid.  The day after Halloween, I hit store and buy all the princess costumes I can in a size up because my daughter, like most girls her age, loves to dress up.  My daughter also gets some amazing hand-me-downs from cousins.  So, having seven extra girls over to play dress up, wasn't a concern.  They had a wonderful time trying on dresses and putting on play jewelry.  They helped each other with their hair, adding all kinds of clips, bows and headbands, along with princess tiaras.  Then they took turns walking up and down our hallway to the Frozen soundtrack.  It was adorable!!

At the end of the party, I was completely exhausted but, my 6 year old daughter was as happy as a clam and I couldn't imagine anything better than that!!

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