Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Quick Tip: Drawer Organization

Organization always puts a smile on my face and saving money does too.  So, when I stumble upon a great organization idea with supplies from Dollar Tree, I am in heaven!! 
When we updated our the kids'/guest bathroom, we were all about having enough hidden storage with cabinets and drawers.  However, when your drawers look like the mess in the picture to the right, then that storage space is really pointless.
The cushioned contact paper on the bottom of the drawer has bunched up, there is toothpaste all over the place and there are more unused items than used items in the drawer.  It's a mess!  And this is just ONE of the six drawers.  Needless to say, every time one of the messy drawers is opened, I am a Stress-Mess.  Something had to be done.
The first place I like to look to for organization supplies is Dollar Tree.  Imagine my excitement when I found fun, colorful baskets in sets of three or four for (you guessed it) just $1.  I thought, if they fit, they'd be perfect for the messy bathroom drawers.  However, I also wanted to replace the cushion contact paper that lines the bottom of the drawers, just in case anything makes it outside of the baskets.  Guess what!  Dollar Tree had adorable cushioned contact paper too!!  Woohoo!!!
I was super happy to bring home the baskets and find out they fit perfectly in the drawers.  The contact paper and the baskets look so adorable.  Also, the drawers are now organized and easy to clean.  Check out your local Dollar Tree and find the perfect organization tools that can help you feel less stressed.  Cheers to an organized and less stressed life!

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