Monday, August 30, 2010

Organizing School Papers

All the paper work and art work that comes home with my kids can be overwhelming at times.  So, I knew I had to find a way to organize it all.  I found what works for me and maybe it can work for you too.

1.  Artwork Display:  For all artwork that we would like to display but can't fit on the fridge, I made a display with 4 nails, 12 clothespins and some twine.  In my kids toy room I chose a wall to display their artwork from school.  I decided to make two rows (one for each school age child).  Each row was created by using two nails and stringing a string of twine (or yarn) from one nail to the other securing the ends with knots.  Then I used the clothespins to hang their artwork.  To make it a little more colorful you can paint your wooden clothespins or buy clips in a variety of colors. 

2.  School Bins:  We have small plastic bins for each child.  The bottom of the bin is at least the size of a 8" x 11" piece of paper and deep enough to hold several papers.  I let the kids pick the color of their bin.  My kids chose dark bins, so we used masking tape for name labels.  I tucked them away in cabinet that they have easy access to.  At the end of each school day we go through their book bags and put all worksheets and artwork (that's not put on display) in their school bin.  I go through their bins every once in a while and toss unneeded and unwanted papers to avoid an overflow of papers.

3.  School Folders:  Keeping track of all the informative papers sent home can be a hassle, especially if you have kids in different schools like me.  So, I created a folder for each child and put their name on it.  I use the plastic/durable portfolio folders with two pockets and 3 fasteners inside.  I like to use page protectors in the fasteners for Lunch Menus, Class Schedules, School Contact Information, etc.  I keep all the folders neatly together in a magazine file right on my desk.

Each day when my kids get home from school we go through their book bags and decide what goes where.  My house is less cluttered and I'm less stressed.  Mission Accomplished!     

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