Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gift for Teacher or Mom

I love putting together gifts for my kids' teachers to show them how much our family appreciates all they do for our kids.  Since this week is Teacher Appreciation week I got on the ball and came up with some cute ideas for gifts.

I decided to make a gift basket for my first graders main/homeroom teacher.  I layered a couple of floral print sheets of tissue paper in the basket and bunched a couple sheets up at the bottom.  In the basket I put a designer notebook, designer planner, 2 nice pens and a bag of Hershey's Bliss chocolates.  I topped it off with a thank you card in the front. 

This would also be a great gift idea for Mother's Day.  You can fill the basket with all your mom's favorite things!

For the bunch of teachers that my first grader encounters throughout the week, we made 3 dozen muffins.  I bought the Martha White's Muffin Mix in chocolate chip, blueberry and mixed berry flavors.  You only need a 1/2 cup of milk for each package.  Super simple and fairly inexpensive.  I piled the muffins into a disposable cake pan lined with wax paper and covered with a lid.  (You can dress up the cake pan by putting colorful tissue paper instead of or under the wax paper.)  On top of the lid I taped a thank you card addressed to all the elementary school teachers.  Inside the card I listed the muffin flavors. 

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