Monday, August 29, 2011

Mario Boo Ghost Balloons

While doing research for decorating ideas for my son's Mario Kart Wii birthday party, I came across a blog called Corner House.  She had a post about a Mario party she threw for her son.  And one of the decorations she used were Boo Ghost Balloons.  She used white balloons, white paper cones and a sharpie.  Well, I didn't use the paper cones, I stuck with the white balloons and sharpie.  I used scotch tape and white thread to hang them from the ceiling. 

My son got a kick out of seeing them flying throughout the house when he woke up the morning of his party.  All the guests loved them!  They asked if they could each take one home.   


  1. Hi - just wondering if you blew the balloon up first and then drew the face, or vice versa?

    1. I blew up the balloons first and then drew on them. Even my boys helped. We have a lot of fun making them and hanging them from the ceiling. They stayed up for at least a week. =) Have fun!