Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pokemon Birthday Party Activities

Last year for my son's 6th birthday we threw a Pokemon party.  We had 7 kids over for Pokemon fun!  I found a few crafts online that followed our theme.  The kids had  a lot fun with it and so did the parents. 

Pokeball Craft
  1. Cut out several circles in card stock.
  2. Keep enough whole circles for each guest to have two (for the base of their Pokeballs).
  3. Cut the remaining circles in half so that each Pokeball base has one half circle. 
  4. Print coloring page images of Pokemon on card stock and cut them out.
  5. The kids pick a Pokemon and color it as well as their circles and half circles.
  6. An adult staples the semi-circles on top of the Pokemon ball (covering half of it) being sure to only staple the outer edge.  This will create a pocket for their Pokemon to sit in.
  7. The kids can then color a line down the middle of their Pokeballs with a circle in the middle to resemble a real Pokeball.  There is a similar craft online - Pokeball Pocket Craft.
  1. Click here to print Pokemon Bingo cards, call cards and Pokeball markers in black and white.  (Card stock works best for this project.)
  2. Color and cut them all out.  Be sure you use the same colors on the bingo cards as you do on the call cards or the kids might get confused.  
  3. Each child gets there own bingo card and a bunch of Pokeball markers.  
  4. Put the bingo call cards in a container (I used a sandwich bag), shake them up and pull one out at a time.  Be sure all the see it.  
  5. When a child gets three markers in a row (including the FREE Pokeball in the middle) they call out BINGO and win a prize.  I had $1 coloring books and books as prizes for the winners.  We were able to play 4 rounds!  They had a blast.
Pokemon Coloring Pages

Print several coloring pages of Pokemon and leave out a bucket of crayons for guests.  Prior to the party my son and I colored a few pages and hung them up in the "party room" as decorations.  After the party we hung the pictures that were colored for and during the party in my son's bedroom.  A year later, they are still there! 
(Find more Pokemon Activities on the DLTK's Pokemon website.)  

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