Friday, February 11, 2011

Disney World Savings

If you are like I was, you might think you a Disney vacation cannot fit in your budget this year.  However, Walt Disney World Resort currently has a few "Special Offers" that your family may be able to take advantage of this year.  Check out these special offers and see which one suits your family best.  You will find that a family vacation at a Disney World Resort Hotel may be more affordable than you thought.

Disney World's 2011 Special Offers
  • Tickets for Members of the U.S. Military - "Walt Disney World Resort is saluting U.S. military personnel by offering 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets for just $138 each, now through September 28, 2011."
After checking out all of these offers, my husband and I realized we are able to take our family of five to Disney World this year.  With the help of one of their special offers we can afford to stay in a Disney World Resort Hotel and get a Disney Dining Plan. It’s a dream come true for all of us and we can't wait!  

I have done plenty of research and plan to do more for our vacation.  So, keep an eye out for upcoming Disney World posts to help you plan your very own Disney Vacation.  

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