Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why I Got Rid of the Changing Table
So, I was a bit suspicious that 22 month old daughter might be climbing on her changing table during nap/bedtimes because she had turned on the light in her room once during nap and she can't reach the light switch without being on top of something.  But, she could easily climb on top of the trashcan (right under the light switch and next to the changing table) to turn on her light too.  Well, today, I now know for sure how she’s doing it. 

This afternoon I put my daughter down for a nap and soon after I could hear her playing around in her room.  I just let her go and figured that she would eventually fall asleep on her own (like usual).  Well, I soon heard a *THUD* and then screaming.  I ran to her room
 and found her on the floor next to the gate (blocking the doorway) and the trash can was on its side AND the light was on.  So, again I thought she must have been standing on the trashcan to turn on the light.  Then I see there were two baby dolls lying neatly on the top of the changing table and the socks my daughter was supposed to be wearing.  Her socks did not look like they were thrown up there but were laying in such a manner that it looked like she had been sitting on the changing table and pulled them straight off her feet and left them right where they landed.  That’s when I realized that she could have fallen off the changing table.  I double checked for injuries and then decided to test my theory. 

I asked my daughter to climb up the changing table.  As if she were a professional rock climber, she hopped right on, climbed right up and plopped her little diaper covered bottom on the top of the changing table and giggled!  Obviously this was not her first time up there.  So, I did what any mother would, I immediately pulled the changing table out of her room and put it in my room.  She’s not too happy about it and her room was all disarrayed now.  However, I like to think of it this way - it's another good reason to potty train her. 

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