Friday, December 24, 2010

Eczema in Babies and Toddlers
My two older children had eczema as babies but luckily outgrew it.  So, when the winter weather began and we started running our heater, I knew my toddler's red raw cheeks were from eczema.   

After seeing the pediatrician, I realized there is new information out there about eczema in children.  For example, our pediatrician told us that the medical community is now realizing the most common causes of eczema are food allergies.  This was not surprising to me because my oldest still gets eczema flare-ups if he eats egg whites.  However, since there are a variety of causes I wanted to do some research online to see what others had to say about their experiences and any advice they had to offer. 

Important Things I Learned Along the Way
  1. Eliminate any possible household allergens - dust mites, scented soaps and detergents, etc.
  2. Bathe frequently but limit the amount of time in the bath, use mild soaps and use lukewarm water not hot.  Hot water dries skin.
  3. Use a cool mist humidifier during dry winter months. 
  4. Moisturize!  Even when you child's skin is looking good, moisturize to prevent flare-ups.  It is best to moisturize immediately following bath. 
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