Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ideas on How to Reuse Glass Jars

With spring just weeks away, the kids will be outside again.  One of my kids' favorite things to do outside is catch bugs in glass jars.  They love to study them and show them to family and friends. 

In the past I bought glass jars at the store specifically for catching bugs.  However, I recently realized that I throw away glass jars each week after dinners I make with pasta sauce and after emptying our jelly jar.  Why not save a buck and reuse my glass jars?  I just peel off the label, wash out the jar and ta-da:  a perfectly good jar to catch bugs in.  But there is so much more you can use glass jars for.

Glass jars are a great way to display your collections like: shells, buttons, etc.  Organize your garage or craft closet with glass jars.  They are also great for making fun crafts.

Glass Jar Crafts
If you use Prego sauces, don't forget to clip and collect the Labels for Education points from the jar label to send to your child's school.  For a complete list of Labels for Education products click here.

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