Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Declutter Your Home

One of my New Year resolutions is to declutter my home and keep it that way!  When my home is cluttered I feel out of sorts and it affects all aspects of my life.  If my living room is cluttered with magazines, toys, etc. I get frustrated and end up not wanting to clean at all.  If my kitchen counters are cluttered I usually don't want to cook and head to the closest fast food restaurant.  When my house is squared away, I feel a sense of peace.  And after the holiday rush, I could really use some peace.

I have tried to declutter my home in the past but, I would become overwhelmed and eventually give up.  This time I know I need a plan of attack.  So, I did some research and this is what I plan to do (based on what I found):
  1. One Space at a Time - No matter how big or small, only work on one area at a time (ex: the linen closet).
  2. Designate Space - Decide what the space will be used for (ex: linen closet - linens only!)
  3. Empty It and Clean Out - Remove everything from the area.  This will give you an opportunity to thoroughly clean it and evaluate how much usable space you actually have.
  4. Classify the Clutter - Categorize the clutter you are removing into boxes/bins:  trash, recycle, keep and sell/donate.
  5. Organize - Before putting items into the space, utilize and organize with boxes, bins, shelves, etc.  This will give everything it's place and make it easier to keep tidy.
  6. Maintain - Be sure not to put items in the space that don't belong.  Revisit the space - straighten it out and declutter every few months.
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