Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Booster Seat Safety

My husband and I have been waiting for the day our second child would finally be able to use a booster seat.  Where we live, children must be at least 4 years old and 40 lbs before they can use a booster seat.  Of course we want him to be safe so at each doctor's visit (beginning at his 4 year check-up) we would stare at the scale longing to see 40 lbs. 

Finally, three months after his 5th birthday he reached 41 lbs!  So, we were on the look out for a new booster seat.  After doing some research, we decided on the Graco Highback TurboBooster (pictured) which we loved so much that we bought our 7 year old one too.  (He cannot use an adult seat belt until he is 4 ft 9 in and 80 lbs based on state laws).

We were ready to set up the new booster seats.  However, when reading the instruction manual, :
I was surprised to find this warning
unsecured booster seat can be thrown around and
may injure occupants in a sharp turn, sudden
stop or crash. Remove it or make sure that it is
securely belted in the vehicle."

It seems pretty obvious but, I would have never thought about this if I didn't thoroughly read the manual.  And that is why I'm sharing this information with you!  Now, I make sure empty seats are always buckled before I drive.  

For more information on car seat and booster seat safety:

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