Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Natural Cough Remedy for Kids

Seems like every winter our kids come down with some kind of cough.  Whether it's from allergies, post nasal drip or a cold, the common recommendation for their cough was an over-the-counter or prescription cough suppressant.  After reading the seemingly endless list of side effects caused by these medications, my husband and I often opted out of using it and relied on cool mist humidifiers and steam baths for our kids.  However, our children still would have a hard time sleeping. 

On the search for a better more natural solution we spoke with our pediatrician and expressed our concerns.  He suggested a a spoonful of honey.  He said to give them honey right before bed to help them sleep.  We weren't sure it would work but, we thought it would be the perfect remedy if it did.  Two years later, honey is the only thing we give our children to help their coughs. 

*WARNING:  Honey should not be given to children under age 1 because of a rare but serious risk of botulism.


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