Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disney World: I'm So Glad We Took...

My family and I had an amazing time at Disney World this past spring.  Although, the weather could have been nicer, the trip was way better than we expected.  Here are a few things I am so glad we took:

Our Van 
  • We love road trips and we are blessed with children who travel well in a car.
  • We weren't staying at a resort on the monorail system and did not want to bother with taking the bus to get the parks. 
  • When you stay at a Disney Resort, parking is FREE at all the parks and at the resort.
  • We were able to bring our big stroller, snacks and all the extras we wouldn't have wanted to pay a check-in fee for on a plane.
  • Although the time of year that we went was not known for rain, we brought ponchos.  We sure are glad we did, because it rained most of the time we were there.  But, having the ponchos allowed us to still have all the fun we wanted!  We picked some up at our local Walmart.
Our Own Party Supplies
  • While at DW, we celebrated our daughter's 2nd birthday.  We considered having a dinner with the Princesses at Cinderella's castle but, realized she was too young to really appreciate and understand that.  So, I picked up a bunch of Disney Princess party supplies and decorations at our local Walmart.  The first night at our resort, my husband and I decorated our room.  We picked up a Disney Princess cake at a grocery strore in Orlando (another great reason to have the van).
Lightweight Jackets
  • We went to DW at the end of March, when the average temperatures were upper 50's F at night and low 80's F during the day.  So, we made sure to bring everyone a hoodie for the early morning trips to the DW parks.  I'm so glad we did!
  • While waiting in line, for food or for others in your group, bubbles are a great way to entertain young ones and pass the time.  I grabbed a bunch of small bottles at our local Dollar Tree.
A RayShade
  • Bringing your own stroller is great but, the canopy may not be enough to keep the Florida sun off your child.  So, I invested in a RayShade and it was one of the most important things I brought.  It helped keep my daughter cool and helped when she needed to nap in the stroller during our long days at the park.  They are about $15.
Water Shoes and Extra Sneakers
  • The kids had their water shoes for the trek down to our resort pool.  We also brought extra sneakers in case one pair got wet or caused blisters.  And after all the rain we had while walking through the parks, our sneakers were soaked!  Good thing we had an extra pair! 
Lots of Pictures
  • What better way to make your memories last a lifetime! 

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