Thursday, July 14, 2011

How Much to Pay the Babysitter

Although the economy is still rough, my husband and I feel it's worth spending the money on a babysitter again to keep our sanity and to keep our marriage alive.  We haven't had a babysitter for a few years and now our family is one child heavier.  So, I felt the need to research the cost of babysitters again. 

While searching the web, I found a few helpful online articles.  They all agree that there are many factors to consider when deciding on how much to pay a babysitter:  
  1. Babysitters age, experience babysitting and training (CPR, first aid, classes etc.)
  2. Where you live:  big city versus rural area.  (Try the Rate Calculator below.)
  3. How many children the babysitter will be watching
  4. The day of the week and time of day you will need the babysitter
  5. How often you will be needing the babysitter:  every day or one night a week, etc.
Below are the articles I found to have the best information:
Here are a couple of helpful links for deciding how much you will pay your babysitter:
How much do you pay your babysitter?  Please leave a comment and help moms like me.  Thanks!

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