Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ghostly Halloween Decorations

Easily make your own ghosts to haunt your house this Halloween.  All you need is:

  • white balloons
  • clear tape
  • white crepe paper/streamers
  • black permanent marker
  1. Blow up a white balloon and tie off the end.
  2. Draw a ghostly face on the balloon with the black marker.
  3. Tear white crepe paper into 6-8 strips that are about 10-12 inches long.
  4. Using the clear tape, adhere the strips to the bottom of the balloon.
  5. Tape your ghosts to walls, ceilings, etc. to create your own haunted house.
*You can also use this technique to make an octopus.  Use purple or blue balloons and crepe paper in place of the white.
*Use helium to help your ghosts float.  After a day or so they will start to float mid-air, making them a little more creepy!

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