Friday, October 22, 2010

Multiple Kids and Bedtime

When I became pregnant with our baby girl, we had to move our two sons into the same bedroom.  However, instead of falling asleep on time like before, they would stay up all hours of the night playing.  We tried everything from lying down with them in their beds to taking turns sitting outside their door until they fell asleep.  But, they would still stay up late.  Finally, we decided to try staggering their bedtimes.  It was the best decision we ever made and now everyone is falling asleep on time and my husband and I have our alone time again.  This is our bedtime routine with our three children ("A" - 7 years old, "B" - 5 years old ("A" & "B" share a room) and "C" - 18 months:

6:15 pm
  • I give "C" a bath.
  • "A" and "B" pick out pajamas and then watch TV.  
6:30 pm
  • I brush "C"'s teeth, she goes potty and I put her pajamas on.
  • "A" and "B" shower with hubby's help.
6:45 pm
  • "C"'s story time with me in her room.
  • "A" and "B" brush their teeth, potty and get pajamas on.
7:00 pm
  • "C"'s bedtime.
  • "A"'s story time and prayers with hubby in bed (quality time).
  • "B" and I play quietly (Lego's, coloring, etc) in the family room.
7:30 pm
  • "A"'s bedtime.
  • "B"'s story time with Daddy in the family room (quality time).
8:00 pm (or whenever "A" falls asleep)
  • "B"'s bedtime.

*By waiting until "A" falls asleep before putting "B" to bed, we are able to keep them from playing with each other and staying up past their bedtime.
*We are able to have "B" (5 yrs) go to bed after "A" (7 yrs) because "B" goes to school later and gets to sleep in.  He also sometimes naps.  "A" has to wake up early to catch the bus and he no longer takes naps.  "B" also resists going to sleep while "A" usually welcomes sleep. 
*Do what works for your family.  Just be sure to be consistent or it won't work. 

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