Friday, October 22, 2010

Homemade Halloween Party

I found some great party ideas for Halloween online.  So if you plan on having a gathering at your home this Halloween, visit the links below for some great ideas:

Homemade Decorations
  1. Ghost Template - I printed this template out on white card stock.  I drew varying eyes and mouths on each ghost with a black sharpie.  Then I cut them out and taped them up around the house.
  2. Bat Template - I printed this bat template out on a sheet of white card stock and cut them out to create stencils.  Then I traced the templates onto black card stock with a pencil.  I made a bunch of these bats and taped them on our walls in groups of 5-8.  I put them in flying patterns.  The kids love it!
  3. Ghost Balloons - You only need 4 things - a black marker, white balloon, white crepe paper and clear tape.
Inexpensive Snacks
  1. Jack Skellington Cupcakes - As soon as my 7 year old son saw these, he immediately asked for them.  These will be the next thing I bake. 
  2. Witches Fingers in Bandages -  Sounds easy enough.  But I would probably try to use crescent rolls.  Cut the dough into strips for the bandages.  Also, if you can find Heinz's green ketchup, that would be fun for the "fingernail" part.
  3. Ghost Chips -  I'm not sure I would use all the seasoning suggested when making it for the kids.  A little bit of salt would probably be enough.

Halloween Crafts and Games
  1. Halloween Bingo - We did this last year and plan to again this year.  It's super easy to make and the kids had a blast.  Winners received Halloween coloring books for prizes.
  2. Lollipop Ghosts -  Super simple, inexpensive and cute! 
  3. Spirit Jugs - I hope to do this project this weekend.  We have tons of milk jugs waiting to be taken to the recycling center.  Why not use them one more time.
  4. Printable Halloween Games and Activities - has lots of fun things to do with your little goblins this Halloween and they are all free to print.

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