Sunday, October 24, 2010

Motion Sickness to Morning Sickness - "It's In the Bag"

If you have ever had morning sickness or motion sickness, you know how embarrassing it is to get sick in front of an audience.  On top of that, the clean up can be a struggle since the smell can trigger another "episode". 

No, I do not have a cure but, I do have a recommendation to help prevent a mess and minimize embarrassment:  Momma's Chic Sicbags.  The creators came up with the idea to make these bags when their daughter became pregnant with their first grandchild.  Check out all these bags have to offer:
  •  Tabs for easy and secure closure. 
  • A cleansing wipe conveniently attached to the outside of each bag for easy clean-up.  
  • Small enough to keep in your purse, diaper bag, car or carry-on. 
  • Available in three cute designs:  Momma's Chic Sick Bags, Puke University Bags and Travel Sick Bags.
I took some Travelers Sick Bags with us on our last family vacation.  During our flight home we were glad to have them in our carry-on when our 15-month-old succumbed to the turbulence.  It made things much easier when we deplaned. 

Buy Momma's Chic Sicbags for yourself, your kids or as a great gift for an expecting mother.

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